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    We are developing the vehicle tracking system . The scope of the system is to track and manage the vehicle at various positions (Sea, Ship, Port and Inland Transport) and starts from the vessel loading to delivery of the vehicle to dealer. The system would communicate the vehicle status update to brand legacy system and exchange the data to external systems efficiently. For legacy update we decided to use MQ Series. Capacity projections of the application, Max no of users will be 700 and concurrent users 200. 2% growth in users/year and 5% growth in throughput transactions/year. Application will be deploy in a single server (Shared environment). The evnironment doesn't have tiered architecture. Can I have a Stateless Session bean in Service Tier of the application framework? Since the client environment doesnt have tiered architecture can I go with POJO in business layer. Please advice.

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    Re: Architecture help Posted by: Arijit Dey on November 21, 2006 in response to Message #222561 How are you going to expose your services to the client that matters.A short synopsis will be better to have a broader look.Acrchitectural decisions are based on usage, access and availabilty. cheers,