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    i am developing a web site using J2EE technology - servlets
    and jsp's particularly. i need to add reports to the web
    site. my company has crystal reports but we are having some
    security issues and i'm trying to find an alternative. here's what i'm trying to do...

    first - display reports on the web site. should be 100% dhmtl (images, text, client-side java script are great but no java applets or activex controls allowed).

    second - the server portion that creates the reports can be invoked from java servlets. this could mean that it is servlet itself that i can include data from or it is invoked using a url or as a java bean or as a java class. i don't care. i want to be able to natively call it.

    third - it fits in my security framework. i have a framework that will only show data that a person has access to. it works. monkeying with a url doesn't affect it. crystal reports has a problem in that you can monkey with a url and one sales person can look at another's commission reports. they don't like it when that happens to them. i can control the initial invocation of the report pretty easily but they can monkey with it after that. especially looking at drill-downs. i want to be able to examine all url's coming into my system before they go to their actual destination so that i can make sure that nobody is trying to goof with url's to get someone else's data.

    i don't really care what language the report authoring tool is written it. java, mfc, whatever. if it runs on win32 i'll be happy. what i care about is the server.

    anyone know of a product that will help me out?


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    Robert, you might want to plow through the list of 3rd party products listed on java.sum.com. Try this link:


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    I think Info 7.0 is web enabled. and you can use it in conjction with Java Servlet/JSP or any other 3rd party middleware. You may want to talk to some one in Seagate.

    Good luck with your search.

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    Even I am looking for some reporting server, which can run on top of my Application server.

    1. features like printable in csv, pdf, xls format.
    2. Able to schedule reports to run automatically.
    3. Email reports to desired users.

    Seagate info is not J2EE compliant.

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    We can help. Check out http://www.dynalivery.com
  6. Actuate has a pretty good reporting tool called eReport. ( http://www.actuate.com ) which uses URL. They have two different versions (Java Edition and eReport Pro). eReport Pro is a little pricey but the Java Edition isn't too bad.
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    Please take a look at http://www.windwardreports.com - should do everything you need.

    thanks - dave
  8. * BIRT * G2 Report Engine * Pentaho * Jasper I've done quite a bit of research lately, for anyone that comes across this thread. There are some newer reporting frameworks out there. I'd look at BIRT, we are using it for enterprise reporting and find the eclipse report designer and web viewer to be top notch.