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     i m a new bie to EJB/weblogic. I have created jars files and copied into weblogic/classes directory. How should i deploy these jar files using command prompt or EJB deployer wizard. i m using weblogic 5.1 and win2000 server,jdk1.3

    please help

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    open the deployer wizard and load the jar file into deployer wizard.If you face any problem to load jar file in to deployer wizard u had done mistakes in making jar or some problems with descriptors(XML's) that you had written.

    once you successfully loads the jar file then go to Option on the status bar then select the preferences. There you have to set the path of java compiler of your local mechine for ejbc.

    once you set that then select the Generate Container option, it will create the deployed jar file.

    i hope you will get the success in this attempt.

    Good Luck
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    thanx for your reply. Can you please tell me the sample contents of that xml file. or can i copy the existing xml file in examples directory and modify its contents. where i have to place those xml files.

    expecting ur reply
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    you can edit copy the XML's from example folder.
    you have to jar them with your class file by placing them in a folder called META-INF which you have to create under classes directory.

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      i edited the ejb-jar.xml file from examples file and placed it under d:\weblogic\ejb\demo\meta-inf; i created the jar file successfully. When i opened it from my deployer tool and opened the jar file , it says the following error.

    Failed to load C:\Documents\ and\ Settings\Administrator\.ejbdeployer\provider-projects\Demo\Demo.fs
    java.io.FileNotFoundException: C:\Documents\ and\ Settings\Administrator\.ejbdeployer\provider-projects\Demo\Demo.fs (The system cannot find the path specified)
    at java.io.FileInputStream.open(Native Method)
    Failed to load C:\Documents\ and\ Settings\Administrator\.ejbdeployer\provider-projects\Demo\Demo.fs
    bla. bla...

    when i create the jar file from deployer wizard, i m able to view the contents, but when i open it again, its saying the above error.

    How to proceed?