The Wazaabi Community has released Wazaabi 1.0.0. Wazaabi has been designed to deliver significant benefits for building Eclipse RCP based J2EE rich client applications. Wazaabi apps are developed as Eclipse plugins (with the rich client application option turned on.) Adding the dependencies and directory structure for the rich client is explained in the Wazaabi tutorial; most of it is standard for Eclipse. Wazaabi includes a GUI framework that brings XUL to Eclipse RCP plugin developers and a set of components that link the client-side XUL based viewers and forms to server-side business components. Thus, rich client developers can use XUL to code a GUI, rather than using SWT. Services are normally servlets, as in many other J2EE applications. However, the transport mechanism is configurable, so that any transport mechanism can be used (including a "no transport" mechanism, for services which do not require remote access.) Wazaabi can be installed manually or through the Eclipse update manager, by using as an update center. Message was edited by: