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    Could somemone please tell me where to find info on using log4j inside of jsps, or if that is even possible.

    Any info is greatly appreciated

    Thanks, Steve

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    Steve, I believe you can. I can't say I've ever used log4j, but I have used my own simple logging software and it worked fine. This only becomes an issue in EJB applications. You can read about that on this website at:


    You might pick up some useful tips. I'll add one note: in one of my own applications, I found it more useful to log to an RDBMS than to a text file.

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    Hi Steve,
    i just started implementing log4j for some of the servlets for a application running in weblogic server 5.1, i see the API very useful but still need to explore all the possibilities and avenues the API provides.Currently i am logging to files using FileAppenders and will be working on SocketAppenders pretty soon :),as far as i think , it is definetly possible to include the log4j logging code in JSP.

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    If you have commons logging, then this code can be used,
    Log log = LogFactory.getLog(this.getClass());