ChainBuilder ESB 1.0 Beta released - A JBI Compliant ESB


News: ChainBuilder ESB 1.0 Beta released - A JBI Compliant ESB

  1. Bostech Corporation has announced the 1.0 Beta release of ChainBuilder ESB, a new Java Business Integration (JBI) compliant solution for use in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) environments. The GA release is due in January 2007. Highlights in ChainBuilder ESB 1.0 Beta include:
    • FTP Communication Protocol support. ChainBuilder ESB has added communication protocol support for FTP, expanding the current set of supported protocols that includes HTTP/SOAP, File and Java Messaging Service (JMS) for JMS-compliant servers like IBM WebSphere MQ.
    • Dynamic Content-based Routing – the function-rich router dynamically examining the message content through built-in and custom expression via Groovy or XPath and routing the message to destination endpoints.
    • IDE Testing Capabilities. The map and format editors now include Eclipse testing perspectives which allow the developer to verify the correctness of their configuration before deployment.
    • Improved Graphics in Component Flow Editor. A new custom set of function icons have been professionally designed for ChainBuilder ESB.
    • Wizard Support in Component Flow Editor - easy-to-use wizard style to guide developers through the basic set up of each component onto the ChainBuilder ESB canvas.
    • Linux Support.
    As part of the release, Bostech has made its source code publicly available to the open source community. The ChainBuilder ESB 1.0 Beta and its source code are now available for download at

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    This is an impressive foray into the ESB space, nice positioning and execution. Would you be interested in any other components of SOA to help build additional functionality - - I am thinking most specifically about Federated SSO.
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    Thanks for the comment. I’m glad you like our approach. ESB is such a competitive market right now in the open source or commercial space. I hope people find it attractive with our focus on easy-to-use, open technology based and support of industry standards and open source value proposition. If you have a chance, please browse our web site. It lists the roadmap for the 2007 where the product will go. With some contributions from open source community, I hope we can accelerate the schedule. The SSO is part of 2008 plan. From my previous background with JP Morgan Chase, I understand the importance of SSO when building an enterprise application. I haven’t looked at Sun’s Liberty Alliance for a while. If there is some API to use, it may not be that hard to build a JBI compliant component for it. Obviously, to build an entire SSO infrastructure is a huge task. Regards, Eric Lu
  4. Looks a little like Business Works ;-)[ Go to top ]

    But impressive.
  5. what I like about ChainBuilder is that it uses ServiceMix as the JBI container ;)