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    Groovy in Action is a comprehensive description of the Groovy programming language, its libraries, and its everyday use. With the release of JSR 241, Groovy has become the second standard language for the Java platform. The book introduces Java developers to the new dynamic features that Groovy brings to this platform. This is excerpt one of three, of chapter two of the book, with an introduction by its author, Dierk Koenig.
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    Joseph, it's great to see more information about Groovy available, and Groovy in Action is a great book. However what we have just released is Groovy 1.0. JSR 241 requires a formal spec and a comprehensive test suite. It also requires the approval of the JCP. We are still a while away from this. Groovy is only one of many languages available under the JVM. Obviously, those of us who have contributed to it think it's the best language available. But the people who contibute to Jython, JRuby, Beanshell, etc. may have a different view:)
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    Glad to see another classical book published by manning. Groovy, the brand-new language for the Java platform, brings to Java many of the features that have made Ruby popular. OnAjax