Urbancode is pleased to announce the release of version 3.1.2 of AnthillPro. AnthillPro is dedicated to addressing not just the problems of build management, but also to automating the wider array of application lifecycle issues like promotions and deployments. Changes since the 3.0 release include:
  • Graphical Workflow Definition - Easily lay out which jobs should run in parallel.
  • More centralized configuration - More configuration items are configured once and reused by multiple projects. For instance, working directory scripts and cleanup policies.
  • Jira Integration - AnthillPro will now comment Jira issues addressed by a build, and generate reports listing which issues are touched by a build.
  • Activity Removal - The activity concept was difficult for users. It has been removed as we moved the parrallelization of jobs to the workflow definition and the selection of which agents to run jobs on to the job itself.
  • Job Iterations - Jobs can be configured to run multiple times in a workflow allowing for easy configuration and distribution of similar test cases, or stress testing efforts.
  • General Improvements - There have been dozens of bug fixes, and small improvements added since 3.0.