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    Hello, How to choose,Weblogic or JBoss, specifically, considering the new JBoss 5 that is coming up soon? We will not be having too many users (100 at most), but we will be dealing with alot of information (above Tera). Iam new to the web app world, so I am not too sure what should I even look at. Any help will be appreciated! Regards, Shlomi

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    Hi If going for a application which requires high end clustering env, scalability , more concurrent users go for Weblogic If you want to save huge amount of money(JBoss is freeware) and if the no of users are less, then prefer JBOSS. If concurrent hitting is very huge( say more than 100 concurrent users. PLS note that Concurrent users is diff to normal no of users) prefer Weblogic Regards B S Reddy
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    Also dont forget the kind of support you will be getting if you are paying.
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    I will most likely be paying for JBoss support as well. Did any of you tried their support? How is it? I wont be having more then a 100 concurrent users at a time. What about development, which one is simpler to develop with (quicker to learn)?
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    Hi I used Weblogic,Oracle App Server, Pramati ,Sun One and JBoss. If you deploy 2 to 3 times, its not at all difficult. The adv with other than JBoss servers is the Console they provide for deploying the application. In JBoss, you need to set up some Env on your own, which is good in long run. It will kill your time in starting but you can get more and more adequated in future. As per Support is concerned, I never used any of their Support. Believe me, You will find all the stuff in the Resp Vendor site or in Google Search :). I prefer JBoss for Applications which are of Kind of small and Medium size, Less no of Users . Rest is your decision. Regards B S Reddy
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    Shlomi, I have worked with both Weblogic and JBoss. App servers are comparable in their core features such as EJB Container, TX management, Pooling e.t.c. Of course Weblogic is a leader in TX management from the Tuxedo days. Coming to the point, JBoss is a good app server if you are going to use the core features. Iam currently working on an engagement where we have deployed 6 business critical applications in a load-balanced setup. It has been quite stable. Our client has procured JBoss support. The premier support costs 40K USD annually (quite a bit!). Support has been quite good though. You may opt for support with lower SLA and lower cost though. JBoss startup time is quite small (around 25 seconds) for a medium sized application. The Eclipse plug-in for JBoss is quite good as well, permitting run time debugging as well. Overall, JBoss is good even if you want to scale upto 100 concurrent users. Of course it depends on your architecture. We, for instance, have kept our application framework entirely stateless using SOA principles, thereby permitting immense horizontal scalability.
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    Taking into account present conditions, can you give recommendations?