From the Interface 21 Team blog we have an update from Rod Johnson about what has been happening with the Spring 2.0 IDE. In the entry Rod gives credit a number of people who driven the quick progress.
The forthcoming 2.0 release of Spring IDE is a comprehensive update to match the new features in Spring 2.0. And the Spring IDE team is making great progress with two of the big ticket items: XML extension namespaces and the AOP enhancements.
The XML extensions include namespace shortcuts that is intended to cut down on the volume of angle brackets. These changes were inspired by the Eclipse AJDT plugin for AspectJ. However Rod’s newest and more favored feature is support for the enhanced 2.0 Spring AOP model. The IDE will fully support pointcut evaluation and matching. Rod goes on to hint that this feature could also be picked up by other IDE’s. The blog entry is littered with screen shots demonstrating supported features. These include support for web flows and Java configuration. provides us with a screenshot of Web Flow. Will all of this new IDE support for Spring make your life easier?