LibreSource 2.1, released recently, is a collaborative platform dedicated to both software development and community building. Based on Java/J2EE technology, LibreSource is a modular web server that users can customize online by combining resources and rights: wiki pages, forum, trackers, files, download areas, etc. All the tools are included and integrated. This new release of LibreSource Community (LSC 2.1) integrates the Subversion SCM. Subversion is integrated as a standard LibreSource resource, easy to create and to administrate, in conformity with the LibreSource philosophy. With this new version, LibreSource Community offers both the LibreSource Synchronizer (another versioned filesharing technology) and Subversion. This release also improves the web layout, the French version of the texts and the Wiki macros. Last, download areas can now be populated from the content of a zip file, introducing a one-click multi-file upload feature. In addition, the Artenum Company proposes a set of improvements on LibreSource Enterprise 2.1, based on LSC 2.1 and in full agreement with the LibreSource Open Standard, providing the guarantee of a full compatibility between both versions. LSE 2.1 introduces the capability to map LibreSource groups of users from LDAP groups. This feature reinforces the integration of LibreSource in existing information systems. This release comes in the frame of a global opening of the LibreSource community to new partners and the possibility for interested people to be involved into the development with the opening of the development Synchronizers. Message was edited by: