Jini and JavaSpaces banned from the Java EE world?


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    I am very impressed of Jini and JavaSpaces and I like to merge/migrate it into an existent architecture. And here comes the problem. Whereas I know how to call EJBs from Jini and JavaSpaces Applications, I do *NOT* know how to call Jini Services or JavaSpaces from EJBs or Servlets without violating the spec. The EJB specs do not allow to start any threads and I know that JavaSpaces and Jini clients do start a lot of threads. Is it possible to call Jini services from a servlet or even better from a stateless session bean? Are there any tutorials showing solutions without violating the spec? The only valid solution I could imagine is to deploy a Resource Adapter based on JCA. Unfortunately there is no JINI open source adapter available. Writing our own Resource Apapter seems to be too difficult. I could not find any examples on how to write an JCA adapter Klaus
  2. Hi Klaus, I wrote a *simple* example of explicitly loading and calling into a GigaSpace using a JSP. As GigaSpaces is an implementation of the Jini JavaSpaces spec, this could qualify as a quick and dirty solution. If you want something more generic - I could try to whip up that as an example -- let me know. The example is on my blog here Owen Taylor GigaSpaces http://jroller.com/page/owentaylor