JFeature - Open Source Requirement Coverage Tool released


News: JFeature - Open Source Requirement Coverage Tool released

  1. JFeature, an open source feature/requirement coverage tool that facilitates focusing on requirements as you develop code, has been released. It lets you leverage standard development practices to get more insight into the requirements covered by the code. This initial release includes minor enhancements on top of JRequire. JFeature works on top of a well-known unit testing framework - JUnit - to identify the requirement coverage in the code. This also makes JFeature useful for projects, which use tools that operate on top of JUnit, such as, Cactus, StrutsTestcase, etc. It follows a simple 2 step process:
    1. Import/write requirements in Eclipse.
    2. Map the unit tests to requirements as the code and unit tests are developed.
    Next time when you run your unit tests either within Eclipse or via ANT, JFeature can generate a detailed requirement coverage report.

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  2. Looks like a cool feature[ Go to top ]

    Looks like a cool feature. Thanks, Senthil Kumar
  3. Indeed looks like a cool feature, but the current version still has some bugs. I will give it another try when they release a new version.
  4. Cool feature...[ Go to top ]

    Cool feature... Thanks, Senthil Kumar