Java EE 6 proposed, then retracted


News: Java EE 6 proposed, then retracted

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    Java EE 6 was proposed by Bill Shannon to the JCP on April 3, only to be retracted Friday, April 13 2007. One of the primary differentiators in Java EE 6 looks like the definition of Platform Profiles, which recognize that not all developers use all of Java EE. The JSR was expected to be finalized by Q3 2008. The retraction was apparently caused by TCK licensing; the EC wanted it clarified. The JSR will be resubmitted when the TCK licensing terms are clarified. Chances are good that everyone is more sensitive to licensing issues thanks to Apache's open letter to Sun on the subject.

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    It has been republished as JSR 316. I have blogged my thoughts on it here, and am looking forward to being involved in the Expert Group.