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News: Apache Web Services Mini-Guide from TSS Interop Blog

  1. This TSS Interop Blog entry by Brent Sheets provides a great learning path if you're interested in Apache Axis and related technologies. Apache has recently released Axis2, its third generation web services engine. It features a modular architecture that supports plug-in modules for easier implementation of existing, and future, web services specifications.

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    How does Apache Axis compare with JAX-WS? When would I want to use each?
  4. Axis2 for JAX-WS[ Go to top ]

    Apache Axis is built around JAX-RPC spec; for JAX-WS use Apache Axis2
  5. Re: Axis2 for JAX-WS[ Go to top ]

    Hi, I dont think Axis2 is for JAX-WS. Thanks
  6. Apache Axis2/C[ Go to top ]

    When people talk about Axis2, they often think about the Java implementation. However, there is a C implementation of the Axis2 architecture as well. Apache Axis2/C released version 1.0.0 recently. Apart form the basic XML, SOAP and WSDL support, WS-Addressing and MTOM support is built in like in the case of Axis2/Java and there are modules supporting WS-Sucurity, WS-ReliableMessaging and WS-Eventing.
  7. i had lots of issues with JAX-WS but found solutions, which i have blogged here: http://blog.maxant.co.uk/pebble/2009/12/22/1261517160000.html