Spring 2.1: TheServerSide Video Interview Part I


News: Spring 2.1: TheServerSide Video Interview Part I

  1. We ran into Rod Johnson, founder of the Spring Framework, at the Open Source Business Conference in San Francisco. Rod talks to us about Spring 2.1, Spring Web Flow, and Spring Batch in part I of this interview. The rest of the interview will be published on 30.May.2007. (Click here if you can't view the interview on this page) The Spring Framework web site has more information about the topics covered in the interview, or you can /join the #spring channel on irc.freenode.net. Watch other Tech Briefs
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    I am not able to view the video. I have the Adobe plugin installed. What am I missing?
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    I am not able to view the video. I have the Adobe plugin installed. What am I missing?
    We found that in a few browsers, and depending on your configurations, the inline movie wasn't playing; probably it's got something to do with how theserverside.com presents the video player to your browser through the [object] and [embed] tags. Please click on the link to my web site, under the video, or go directly to YouTube for playback. Cheers, E
  4. Rod is actually mistaking when he says that Spring Batch is the first Spring project that is a collaboration between i21 and another company. Spring Web Flow has from its inception been a collaboration between Ervacon and i21 (e.g. check the Sponsors section in the reference manual: http://static.springframework.org/spring-webflow/docs/1.0.x/reference/index.html). Originally SWF was even an Ervacon project, before it became an official Spring sub project.
  5. Erwin Good point. I certainly did not mean to minimize your very valuable contribution. Rgds Rod
  6. Hi Rod, Spring WebFlow 1.1 is really interesting. You mentioned it compliments JSF really well by providing navigational state and conversation state. Providing navigational state for a component based framework like JSF is great but isn't a component based framework supposed to maintain the component state thus maintaining conversation state. Just wondering what Spring WebFlow provides there to a component based framework in addition. Regarding Spring Batch, does Spring Batch also come with an out of the box scheduler to run the batch. If so, it would be great to know the differences between Spring Batch and Quartz for example. Thanks, Kishore.
  7. Hi Kishore, JSF does indeed manage UI component state, and provides a pluggable mechanism by which UI components manipulate a backing data model. The state that Web Flow manages that Rod is referring to is primarily the model state JSF UI components manipulate. I'll try to put it into context. Say you were implementing a part of your web application to allow prospective customers to register an account. Web Flow lets you view the account registration process as a module that encapsulates the navigation control required to carry out such a process, and provides the management and isolation of model state associated with in-progress registrations. You may find the following resources helpful as well (the first outlines the Web Flow JSF integration story and the second shows a running example via a screen cast) http://blog.interface21.com/main/2007/04/21/what-spring-web-flow-offers-jsf-developers/ http://blog.interface21.com/main/2007/05/18/spring-web-flow-java-one-2007-demo/ Cheers, Keith http://www.springframework.org/webflow