Standard way to "broadcast" a message to an EJB cluster?


EJB design: Standard way to "broadcast" a message to an EJB cluster?

  1. Hi, I'm trying to cluster a J2EE application. For performance the application maintains a static cache. When required, e.g. at the end of the day, an EJB call dumps out the cache. In a cluster, where the cache will be maintained on multiple servers, I'd like to a way to broadcast to the cluster that the cache should re-initialised. Does anybody know of a standard way of doing this? I was suprised that my googling didn't turn up a solution. Thanks, Setanta
  2. I would think using a Message Driven Bean, along with A Publish and subscribe durable subscriber, should solve this problem. I am unsure if in a cluster will one MDB of a type/per server will consider itself the sole subscriber, or will the cluttered managed servers work independently. But something to try or check. Tony