Benjamin Mestrallet is one of the lead developers for the eXo Project, an application delivery platform that integrators, ISVs, and VARs can use for building web applications in a dynamic way, and it implements Java content repository, portlet, JSF, and the project's hierarchical document organization system, ECM. In this interview, Benjamin shares the latest new about the eXo Platform, what it does, how to get started with it, and tells us the difference between itself and other products like Alfresco and Day's Communiqué. (Click here if you can't see the video.) Benjamin has also authored a number of articles describing the eXo Platform in detail. In the latest, he talks about the eXo Platform v2 features (see part 1 and part 2) and gives a detailed HOWTO for starting work with the project. You can get the software and learn more about the project from the eXo Platform website. Watch other Tech Briefs