Dr. Heinz Kabutz is the well-known Java guru behind the Java Specialists Newsletter, and the principal from the Java Specialists consulting group in Europe. Heinz published a series of articles under The Secrets of Concurrency, which is fast becoming a core reference for Java developers who want to master concurrent programming in their applications. Heinz discusses a few of such secrets in this video, and tells us a bit about his recent move from South Africa to Greece. (Click here if you can't see the video.) Heinz chose some rather colorful names to describe his laws of concurrency; the names are funny and meaningful at once, and thus act as a mnemonic. Some of the examples from the video include: * The Distracted Spear Fisherman Law * The Sudden Riches Law * The Greek Driving Law The Secrets of Concurrency, part 1 is available on-line from the Java Specialists Newsletter. Watch other Tech Briefs