Blandware has released AtLeap 0.53


News: Blandware has released AtLeap 0.53

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    Blandware AtLeap is a free Java multilingual CMS (Content Management System) with full-text search engine. Blandware AtLeap is a framework which allows you to rapidly start your own Web application. AtLeap 0.53 has the following changes:
    • Content resource description is made multi-lingual
    • Added altUrl attribute to content resource which allows to specify some URL associated with resource
    • Tags were added that allow to iterate over content resources or pages which are located under specified paths (resourceIterator and pageIterator tags)
    • Added Java 6 compatibility
    • Updated editors: FCKEditor to 2.4.1 version, TinyMCE to 2.1.0 version
    • Added pages to system that demonstrate new functionality. These pages are slide show, image gallery and page catalogue
    • Tags were added that allow editing through GUI of collections of pages and content resources over which new iterators operate
    • Content pages are supplied with publication and expiration dates, so their activity can be changed automatically when some date comes
    • Content tag now can be used to add new indices to indexed field or remove indices
    • If contentIterator does not find any indices, it allows creation of first one
    • Lists in Tiles config may be editable in run-time through Admin console
    • URLs are correct if cookies are disabled in browser
    • Added 'hreflang' attribute to menu items
    • Virtual layouts
    • Added Tomcat 6 support
    • Download/upload of database snapshot
    • Bugfixes
    Read more about Blandware AtLeap at project's site and in its presentation Blandware AtLeap Introduction.

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  2. Blandware?[ Go to top ]

    Blandware? No distinguishing features? :) That sure is an unfortunate choice of name..
  3. Re: Blandware?[ Go to top ]

    Blandware? No distinguishing features? :)

    That sure is an unfortunate choice of name..
    Or the most ironic, brilliant move if they become the next big thing. :D
  4. Current CMS[ Go to top ]

    Post Tool makes a good open CMS that has been around a few years and is pretty stable: --Ari
  5. WANTED : I guess a CMS :)[ Go to top ]

    We have few requirements: 1) We want a flow which can facilitate us from creating a document (MS word) till finalizing it. 2) During the above process (creation to finalization) – multiple people can modify same document at same time like adding review comments etc. 3) And a repository to maintain all the final versions and corresponding changes which were made during the process. We are looking into some CMS solutions like Magnolia, OpenCMS, Apache Lenya etc. Although, Magnolia looks promising but it seems to be lacking online collaboration (multiple people are reviewing and adding comments on same document at same time). I will appreciate if someone who has experience with this kind of requirements can provide us some directions or can share his/her experience. Best Regards
  6. What else in feature list?[ Go to top ]

    I was looking into Weblogic Content Management. There are many features that seems to be missing from this product. I have not research much onto this product but following are the important features that should be available for any CMS 1) BulkLoader to load collection of documents at once 2) Workflow based document approval 3) Document type extension 4) Document version control Are these features available in AtLeap? Thanks, Shabbir
  7. AtLeap is the tool for management content on web-sites pages (including dynamic pages). AtLeap is not the tool for management documents.