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    I have to insert, update & show the details of employee records in three jsp pages. What is the proper way to do it using mvc model & what could be the beans and sevlet and jsp pages? Would the connection & retrieval of record be in controller servlet or in bean? How to show details using beans in jsp page?

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    Hi Ajay,
       There are a few MVC frameworks available (try a search engine), probably the most well-used is Apache's STRUTS. STRUTS offers a lot of flexibility, but at the price of a little extra complexity. Good luck!

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    Ajay, also see Sun's ideas at:

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    Hi Reynolds,
    Thanx for the reference, that seems to be very helpful.
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        I've read the J2EE Blueprints and found the MVC model a bit too complex to implement with your average development team.

        Anybody has some experience with several of the available frameworks (Struts, Velocity, WebMacro, ...) ? Can anyone build a little pros/cons list ?


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    I am compiling a list of Frameworks for a paper I am writing. Could anyone help me. I only need the names of frameworks such as Jakarta Struts, Velocity etc. Any hep would be appreciated.