Nuxeo releases version 5.1 of its open source ECM platform


News: Nuxeo releases version 5.1 of its open source ECM platform

  1. Nuxeo has just released version 5.1 of its Java EE based open source ECM (Enterprise Content Management) platform. This new version features a number of technical improvements over Nuxeo EP 5.0:
    • a SOA focus as the platform has been split between a "Service Platform" (which provides cross-applications services related to ECM, like: document types, versioning, lifecycle, workflow, indexing, transformation, audit, etc.) and a more traditional web-based application dubbed "Nuxeo Enterprise Platform."
    • an advanced search service: based on the SQL-like NXQL query language and a flexible configuration system, it offers comprehensive functions for full-text search and multi-criteria requests.
    • electronic and physical records management: in its latest version, Nuxeo has introduced a management service for electronic and physical archiving.
    • a data import/export service: designed to both facilitate migration from legacy systems and to ensure that platform users will never be held hostage by their technology providers. This service enables the import/export of data stored in Nuxeo in XML format while following the schema that define them, thus guaranteeing maximum compatibility with the formats and standards chosen for the data.
    • an enhanced horizontal scalability by splitting the services over several servers thanks to the Java EE remoting and clustering facilities.
    • extended us of Maven to simplify the life of application developers.
    • support for scripting languages, including JavaScript (Rhino), Groovy, Jython and JRuby. (See this blog post).
    Several customers are already using Nuxeo EP 5.1 in different business sectors (defense, media/press, education, government, industry, retail, etc.). More technical information about the new release can be found in the New and Noteworthy (PDF, 20 pages) as well as in the release notes for the previous milestone and RC releases:Nuxeo 5.1 can be downloaded freely from the community site. Its source code is available on the Nuxeo Forge. About the Nuxeo ECM platform Nuxeo 5 is a comprehensive open source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform. It has been designed to be robust, scalable and extensible, by using modern open source Java EE technologies, frameworks and components, from JBoss, Apache, Sun and Eclipse. ECM is by definition the methods and technologies that enable organizations to globally manage their documents and business processes. Nuxeo's vision for its platform is to make it the center of all the document-processing application within an organization, making it "the ERP for your documents". The Nuxeo platform covers the whole of the functional and technical ECM spectrum:
    • Document management (DMS)
    • Collaborative Work
    • Business process management (workflow)
    • Compliance
    • Records Management
    • Digital assets management (DAM)
    In order to cover the whole spectrum of ECM needs, from server to desktops, and integrate the ECM platform with other applications and platforms in the enterprise information system (directory, ERP, CRM, etc.), the Nuxeo platform is split in three major parts:
    • Nuxeo SP (Service Platform): provides all needed ECM services (storage, indexing, search, security, workflow, archiving) via open interfaces following a service-oriented approach. It is completely extensible because it is built entirely on an infrastructure of plug-ins and extension points based on the OSGi standard. Developers and integrators can easily create custom configurations and extensions by simply creating a set of plug-ins to adapt the platform without having to touch the platform code.
    • Nuxeo EP (Enterprise Platform): an application and a web platform based on Nuxeo SP, deployed in a Java EE server.
    • Nuxeo RCP (Rich Client Platform): a rich client framework based on Nuxeo SP, embedded in an Eclipse RCP runtime.
    Nuxeo, a French company with subsidiaries in the UK and in Romania, develops the platform (with a community of contributors) according to the Open Source model, and sells support using a subscription model based on the number of deployments and not on the number of users or CPUs. Active in this market since 2001, Nuxeo has provided complete ECM solutions for many large companies, making it the pioneer and leader in the Open Source ECM revolution.

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    A small part of my post has been edited out, but it's OK, here it is: We're looking for more partners. The Nuxeo platform has been designed to be friendly to both system integrators (by being configurable and extensible to fit their customers needs) and ISVs (its business-friendly LGPL license means you can embed the platform in your own business applications without constraints on your own licensing and business model). You will find more information about our partners programs here: (but we're still very flexible and always willing to find a way to work with others even if it doesn't fit a standard program). Feel free to contact us (contact at nuxeo dot com) if you are interested, or just curious. We love receiving emails ;) S. Fermigier - CEO -
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    Congratulations :-)
  4. Tank you Gavin[ Go to top ]

    JBoss Seam plays a big role in our architecture (in the web tier). We also have plans to incorporate some more web bean stuff in the service platform. Keep up the good work with Seam and JS 299. Cheers, S. Fermigier -
  5. Re: Tank you Gavin[ Go to top ]

    Congratulations Stefane Fermigier and Nexo Team. You are right Seam is an excellent tool for JEE development. Gavin has given done it again. Hibernate found its way right into the heart of Java world and eventually to the specs. I very soon seam will also adopted as a standard.
  6. As of my knowledge Apogee is a great client for Nuxeo based on Eclipse RCP. Are there any plans to Adobe AIR as a client platform?