Stateless Bean Pool Size VS No. of Clients


EJB design: Stateless Bean Pool Size VS No. of Clients

  1. Hi,
          I hv a Stateless Bean with pool size is 100 running inside Weblogic server.

         on client side there is a Multithreaded application accessing these beans. At particular moment Client side application spans more than 100 threads to access these stateless beans at a time, does weblogic server throws an Error or not? if not how it queues the incoming requests and process these requests.


    - Ramesh
  2. First, it is important to remember that there is no direct link between the client side stubs and specific instances of a Stateless Session EJB. The EJB container is free to direct requests from the client to any instance of the EJB that is not already handling a request.

    So, to prevent any queuing, you simply need to make sure that the number of execute threads (plus some additional for 'overhead') and the EJB pool size are greater than or equal to the maximum number of CONCURRENT requests.

    If you exceed either of those values, the EJB container will queue your request until the necessary resources are available.

    The WebLogic console can display the number of pending requests over time. These are the ones that are queued.

  3. ThankQ,

    does Weblogic server process these queued requests in
    First come First Serve (FCFS) basis or not.

    - Ramesh