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  1. Hi Everybody I am going to develope a web application using J2EE. Which would be browse through imate mobile device using internet explorer.The purpose of this application is to display sales data on the mobile used by sales persons. We are going to develope it using jsp/servlets/struts.Most probably we would be deploying it on Broadvision Enterprise server.And we would be calling a web service in our application to fetch the data and display it through Jsps. The main thing is, its a performance critical application because would be using by mobile device. Now my doubt is: Are there any special syntaxes needed to use in Jsps to keep in mind that the application would be browsed by mobile device? Or simple jsps are sufficient ? Or we should use some other application server not Broadvision? Overall, my doubt is what care should be taken to develope the application browsed by mobile device?
  2. Wireless networks are mainly used for voice communication. Wireless operators, however, are interested in delivering data over wireless networks. Having become a new buzzword, WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) is designed specifically for delivering Internet data over wireless networks. http://www.roseindia.net/software-tutorials/detail/6019
  3. Remember that jsp files will be compiled and executed to show the text (html in many cases) which is not java-code. Then you can write any text inside a jsp file. I mean, you can use jsp to show html, wml, xhtml, xml, etc.. only you need to specify the Content-Type by directives.
  4. Hi Carlos Thanks for reply. You mean there are no special syntaxes for jsps to develop an application for mobile users.i need to choose just content type HTML or WML and write the HTML or Wml specific code in jsps. should i use HTMl or WML ? As WML is the prefered language for mobile.
  5. I've developed some web application for PDA. All PDA browser what I know support HTML without frames. I recommend you to use WML for phones and XHTML strict for PDA's.
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