DataDirect XML Converters are high-performance Java and .NET components that provide bi-directional, programmatic access to virtually any non-XML file including EDI, flat files and other legacy formats. Extending the product’s support for B2B integration standards such as X12, EDIFACT, EANCOM, and IATA, version 3.1 of the DataDirect XML Converters includes added support for Health Level Seven (HL7) – the health industry's standard for the exchange, management and integration of healthcare information to support patient care. DataDirect XML Converters version 3.1 for both Java and .NET include a robust implementation of the HL7 standard from the draft 2.1 to the current 2.5 release, across all messages and events. Whether an organization's HL7 data needs are in EDI, XML, or a mixture of both, the DataDirect XML Converters allow for scalable, high-performance conversion between HL7 formats. Add to this built-in support for X12 and other data formats, version 3.1 is an ideal technology solution for healthcare organizations looking to ease the HL7 update burden. Using DataDirect XML Converters, healthcare payers and providers can expedite common data-interchange scenarios to deliver timely and effective patient care. Product use-case examples include: * Benefit enrollment and maintenance * Coverage eligibility and core authorizations * Claims submission and status inquiries * Claims payment and notifications Other features found in the DataDirect XML Converters version 3.1 include API support to dynamically fetch the XML schema corresponding to a conversion (as output or input) and Standard Exchange Format (SEF) support for custom EDI needs. These changes are designed to provide developers with the most information possible regarding conversions, allowing them to be more productive with less code, even in custom EDI situations. DataDirect XML Converters 3.1 are now available for free trial download and online purchase. About DataDirect Technologies DataDirect Technologies is the software industry’s only comprehensive provider of software for connecting the world's most critical business applications to data and services, running on any platform, using proven and emerging standards. Developers worldwide depend on DataDirect products to connect their applications to an unparalleled range of data sources using standards-based interfaces such as ODBC, JDBC and ADO.NET, XQuery and SOAP. More than 300 leading independent software vendors and thousands of enterprises rely on DataDirect Technologies to simplify and streamline data connectivity for distributed systems and to reduce the complexity of mainframe integration. DataDirect Technologies is an operating company of Progress Software Corporation.