soapUI + PushToTest Moves Java Developers Towards The Grid


News: soapUI + PushToTest Moves Java Developers Towards The Grid

  1. Last year PushToTest built a test runner for soapUI and bundled soapUI in the PushToTest version 5 distribution. The advantage to Java developers is three fold: 1) soapUI test suites run in a distributed PushToTest test environment - a grid of test machines each turning out SOAP requests to your application. 2) The PushToTest environment dynamically provides operational data to the soapUI test suites. For instance, the data could be sign-in information or product part numbers. The data production libraries (DPLs) get data from a relational database, from a comma- separated-value file, and from service calls dynamically. 3) PushToTest provides a results analysis engine and performance comparison utility to identify problem test suite performance and problem service calls. Additionally, while the test suites operate the PushToTest Monitor watches CPU, Network, and Memory utilization of the test machines and the target hosting the application and correlates these back to the test suite operation to surface the problem datacenter components. We increasingly see upper management at our customers look at consumer hits like Facebook, Flikr, Google Maps, and tell their engineers "We want that!" At the same time Java developers in 2008 have good tools to service enable their classes. The interface may be SOAP, or any number of others including REST, Ajax, JMS to a message queue, RMI, etc. We are seeing customers use PushToTest in service environments. They tend to start service enabling a few classes and wind-up with a grid of interconnected services. While soapUI by itself is a terrific tool for working with individual services, the nature of service enabling Java classes means most organizations need a test methodology, patterns, and tools that work in a grid of services. Customer success at testing in a grid environment is the motivation behind a new partnership that eviware and PushToTest announced this week. Java developers benefit when two open-source 100% Java projects partner to solve service testing challenges and help us test in a grid environment. -Frank Cohen
  2. Sounds like good news. I really like SOAPUI, and I think this integration expands a lot its capabilities. Same for TestMaker! Good Luck, guys! Will.