Apache Geronimo 2.1 Released -- Java EE 5 server


News: Apache Geronimo 2.1 Released -- Java EE 5 server

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    The Apache Geronimo team is happy to announce the release of Apache Geronimo 2.1. This release builds on the Java EE 5 certified 2.0 release of Geronimo. In addition to a number of improvements, fixes and package upgrades, Geronimo 2.1 provides the following new features: Custom Server Assemblies -- Geronimo has always been a flexible, component-based server environment which allowed lightweight server images to be custom built for specific application environments -- minimizing server footprint and reducing server startup time. Until now, creating customized Geronimo server runtimes was largely a build-time operation. Geronimo 2.1 greatly simplifies build-time customization, but also allows users to export a new server image from a running Geronimo server. Users may take a function-centric approach, choosing the desired set of server plugins for the server (e.g. Web Container+JMS+Deploy capabilities), or an application-centric approach, choosing one or more application plugins and allowing Geronimo to calculate the necessary server components required by the applications. Flexible Administration Console -- The Geronimo Administration Console is now component-based to match the dynamic capabilities of the server runtime. This allows the administrative console to provide the administrative operations which match the functional capabilities of the server runtime being managed. GShell -- GShell is a command-line processing environment that can be used for executing Geronimo administrative commands. In addition to a rich set of Geronimo commands, additional Groovy-based commands can be plugged into the GShell environment. WADI Clustering -- WADI can now be used to cluster Web Applications for both Tomcat and Jetty-based configurations of Geronimo. Previously, WADI only supported Jetty configurations of Geronimo. If users prefer, they can still use the base clustering support found in Tomcat. Monitoring support -- The monitoring console plugin provides monitoring support in the Geronimo Administrative Console. The monitoring console can gather statistics and performance data from multiple Geronimo servers and graphically display this data to users. Apache Geronimo can be downloaded from http://geronimo.apache.org/downloads.html

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    I downloaded this release and did some basic tinkering. I noticed that if I try to quit the server by running shutdown.bat, it wants the system/manager credentials. However, it doesn't require these to start and it doesn't require these to simply hard-kill the server by clicking the close [X] box on the console window. Is it really necessary to supply credentials to shutdown an out-of-the-box distro?
  3. Congratulation to Geronimo team ! Right now I'm quite happy with Glassfish but it is always good to have alternative.
  4. congrats to Apache and Geronimo Team.. i think its first open source java 5 server
  5. No it is not[ Go to top ]

    Glassfish and JBoss were the first JEE5 servers (ofcourse based on Java 5)
  6. No[ Go to top ]

    JBoss isnt javaEE5 certified yet... http://java.sun.com/javaee/overview/compatibility.jsp
  7. Wonderful![ Go to top ]

    Great News and a job well done Geronimo Team!
  8. Excellent work! I'm a big fan of Maven + Spring + Jencks, so it's great to see the consistency of philosphy and design carried through into the app server. P.S One example of the flexibility of Geronimo that we use is the ability to take it's XA JTA implementation and plug this into standalone apps (with a bit of magic Spring/Jencks/JCA wiring)
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    The noise of the 'JEE5 is dead' crowd is silenced by this release, that makes the top 3+ system software vendors (Sun, IBM, Oracle/BEA) with compatibility and compliance, we're waiting Red Hat... From Sun's certified platforms' page: "Developers can write applications to the Java EE specification -- and companies can purchase such applications -- and be assured that they are portable across all the Java compatible, Enterprise Edition products available today." Will there ever be another value proposition as important as that single statement?
  10. Great News, Congratulations! to Geronimo team. It is great to have options for open source j2ee app server. some of my favorites are geronimo, jboss and glassfish. -Gopal Patwa
  11. Congratulations![ Go to top ]

    Well done!
  12. Re: Apache Geronimo 2.1.4[ Go to top ]

    Geronimo 2.1.4 is the latest release available for download [1] and is a maintenance release to resolve some security issues discovered in the Administration Console. [1] http://geronimo.apache.org/2009/03/31/apache-geronimo-v214-released.html -Donald