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    Hi all, I need to develop basic reporting capabilities in my J2EE application but don't need all the fancy abilities that commercial products have. Need to have ability to provide filtering, groupings, totals, drilldowns and export to different formats. I would go with Open Source and pay for support, but I couldn't find any LGPL licensed reporting engine/tool. I cannot use GPL since it requires to open my source code. May be for the basic capabilities I'm looking to implement the cheapest way would be to develop something inhouse... Please advise...
  2. Have you seen Jasper Reports?? Its pretty promising and matured product. Also has tools like iReport and JasperPal to support.
  3. If you only need to view the reports online, and can design the report offline, then BIRT is a very good reporting engine: The report designer is excellent but as I said, offline. Johnny Webworks JEExplorer - file explorer for your Java web applications
  4. Hi Eugene, You can see some demos of using the BIRT Designer at BIRT Exchange. It's very easy to use. ( I would recommend BIRT based on your question because it is easy to add filters, groups, and totals, and you can create drill-down reports from one report to the next in a wizard very easily. It is designed for the web and outputs in formats like PDF, HTML, XLS, DOC, PPT, etc and comes with a nice web viewer to integrate into a webapp. If you need the user to design all this through the web and more report management stuff like scheduling and security then you are getting into the commercial products like BusinessReport Studio and iServer Express. Virgil
  5. Hi, I am using RAQ Report, a powerful reporting tool. I am glad to recommend RAQ Report to you, as I am sure that it will help you to do your jobs much more easily. It is a pure Java reporting tool, which is very simple for learning. I became skillful in it after only five classes, and I have used it for half a year. RAQ Report is a free Java reporting tool, and you can get it at
  6. RAQ Report is a free Java reporting tool. It is powerful, while it is very easy to learn. I have used it for a long time, and it helps me a lot. You can get it easily at
  7. Hi, Why cant you try FastReport free report.Try it and see how it works grade yourself: