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    Hi, Hi there, I have an old application running on OpenVMS JDK 1.3.1 Compaq and Weblogic 6.1 SP3. The trouble is when it isn't doing anything at all, in the performance tab on the admin console, the memory usage goes up and up in a liner fashion on the graph, even though its not doing anything at all and there is no throughput. Its currently set for min and max heap size of 900m. All it does it reach it then garbage collects then starts again going up to the maximum. Even though nothing is coming in and its idle. Could someone give me some suggestions on what it could be?? Should I lower the max heap size to say 512 so garbage collection is more frequent? And why would the memory usage go up and up and up when its idle? Kind Regards, Alistair.

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    when running the application the garbage collection takes longer and longer as well as less memory being recovered 171596: [03/06/2008 15:22:45:727 GMT+01:00, TH-6]: ATAG: using settlement price board #281691 173437: [03/06/2008 15:24:27:265 GMT+01:00, ET #11]: Load Settlement Map #282101 175986: [03/06/2008 15:30:22:069 GMT+01:00, TH-6]: MCQ3690: loaded 0 deliveryTenders.
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    Does the application run out of memory after sometime?. You may want to check that and also for memory leaks. Are you running with -server option or in client mode?