Sesat, a federated search solution middleware, goes open source


News: Sesat, a federated search solution middleware, goes open source

  1. Schibsted Søk AS has made the core java technology powering and, available to the public under the AGPLv3 license. Sesam Search Application Toolkit (Sesat) has been in development since 2005 and is now available for download from SESAT is search middleware and a search portal framework. SESAT enables a single user query to be dispatched to multiple information sources. The result is analysed, weighted and presented to the user according to configurable business rules. From
    • SESAT is an acronym for "SEsam Search Application Toolkit" and is the core technology used to power and, which are scandinavian search, news and directory sites that utilise a large number of data sources including Yahoo!, PicSearch and enterprise search systems from
    • SESAT makes it easy to build applications that look for information in many different places simultaneously. SESAT can connect to almost any kind of data source that can be accessed using Java - databases, search indexes, files, back office systems, web services, ESBs
    • SESAT takes care of all the complex tasks of communicating with multiple search indexes simultaneously, query- and result analysis, business rules application; leaving the developers to focus on other aspects of their application, such as presentation and usability.
    The documentation is still coming along, but the idea is intriguing. What are your thoughts?
  2. The community today is comprised of developers from the two companies each behind and Open sourcing the platform, and running it through a consensus driven approach, has been the chosen path to cooperate and develop between the two companies. At the same time we see the rising need for federating search solutions and are happy to open our solution (at least the framework/platform) to all. The documentation is pretty good i feel, for a freshly opened open source project, with a complete tutorial on how to build an application here. There are a few bits and pieces that still need cleaning up and will be done by version 3.0. But these are now only internal to classes and methods so there's no need for any upcoming big refactorings of APIs and SPIs. There's nothing that should stop third parties from building a first class search engine application! The grand idea? Well it's enough to know that people and companies around the world now have one more choice when it comes to building a sitesearch, village-search, newspaper-search, city-search, or international-search website, especially when federation from different backends is required.
  3. Sesat means "lost", "wrong way" in the Java language (real *Java language*, Indonesian language) ;-) It's not a good name for a search toolkit... Cheers, Lofi.
  4. It's not a good name for a search toolkit...
    "Goddess of Knowledge" seems ok to me: :-) I wonder how many of the SESAT satellites got lost? Maybe they should have been called something else too ;-)