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      I m planning to design a search engine. Does anyone have the idea how it works. does anyone know where can i get info on search design, working etc.


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    Check out the code for the Excite search engine. It is written in Perl, but easily understood. I think it is still downloadable from their website.

    -- Rick
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    Didvide the Project into three modules..
    1.Content Presentation
    2.Search engine Logic

    keep update ..we can discuss a lot..

  4. Search Engine consists of the following. I have written a search engine jsut now

    Load all the Combo Box dynamically before searching as it will be table driven first ( ie., your jsp).

    Secondly. use wild cards as much as possible to all the fields( i have used * as well as %). Give the flexiblity for the user to write the telephone number as 925-999-9999 or 9259999999 or use the wild char in both form if you have telephone number as a field.

    do the query dynamically ( as the user inputs those fields, take them as dynamic fields. thus it improves the query performance by leaving those inputs not entered).

    take the output from the database.

    Do the sorting in the ascending manner with respect to the columns. Use a doget ( a query string for doing the sorting) and don't hit the database again as it is costly.This is called the bubble sorting

    Should you need more, u can write to me your contacts or you can email me at balakrishnan dot prasah at sbc dot com.If you are in the US, u can call me also .The telephone number will be provided in your email to my address provided.

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    You may want to take a look at this