Genuitec uninvited to Rational Software Dev Conference


News: Genuitec uninvited to Rational Software Dev Conference

  1. Genuitec says that they have been banned or, at least, officially uninvited, to IBM's Rational Software Development Conference (RSDC) this year in Orlando. Their inevitable question is, why?
    IBM Rational division is not without its reasons for uninviting us to its RSDC. Genuitec's MyEclipe Blue product does, on some levels, compete with the Rational Application Developer (RAD). It is IBM's conference, and their goal is to be profitable (as with any business), so we concede that MyEclipse Blue, its speed of delivery and price point pose somewhat of a threat to the goals and objectives set by the executives in the software tooling division of IBM. Ok, so we get all of that, but the bigger question remains: Do we really pose such a threat to one division of IBM? Does banning Genuitec from this conference serve IBM's interest as a whole? The facts do not add up. According to IBM's annual report for 2007, the company made $98,900,000,000 in 2007. The software division, which is comprised of Websphere, Lotus and RAD, grew by 10 percent and made $20,000,000,000. $17,000,000,000 of that was profit (85 percent gross profit margin). Nothing would make us happier than to claim some of these zeros. But, the David and Goliath comparison in this case takes on a new, absurd meaning. However, the reality is that IBM makes much of its money by providing infrastructure and services, not tools. It stands to reason then that the more tools that serve this technology stack the more vibrant the community around it. That is business 101. It's not squabbling over pieces of the pie, but rather making the pie bigger so that everyone wins. James Governor, analyst for Redmonk, put it best on his blog, "Why is IBM afraid to compete in the tools software marketplace? This approach (elbowing out competitors) is short-sighted and wrong-headed."
    This is a blow to Genuitec, a valuable community member, whose based their marketing budget on RSDC:
    Should we be flattered by this un-invite as a worthy competitor? Perhaps. Certainly, Genuitec would have profited from attending RSDC, and if it were up to us, we would go. Attending last year allowed us to speak with RAD users and learn what they like, don't like and want from WebSphere software tools providers including RAD, Genuitec and other exhibiting companies. All of this aside, the fact remains: we are no longer invited to RSDC, and the repercussions of this on a small company like Genuitec, unfortunately for us, cannot go unnoticed. We exhibited last year and paid IBM to exhibit again this year. Our payment was accepted only to be denied seven months later. Our marketing budget for the year, made well in advance, was based on attending RSDC, and it will be a daunting task to find another venue to show our wares. Ironically, these are the lessons you learn as a growing company to challenge common sense and to question partner motives, even when it doesn't make Rational sense.
    Of course, the RSDC is a Rational conference, and not an Eclipse conference, but one still has to wonder: what would the community feel if Sun were to say that no companies representing competitors to Sun products, like IntelliJ or Eclipse or Oracle or - perhaps - IBM were not allowed to participate at JavaOne?

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  2. They'll get flak[ Go to top ]

    Expect IBM to get lot's of flak on this, particularly since so many developers absolutely detest both WebSphere and RAD. Maybe that's the heart of the matter - IBM knows that most Java developers hate WebSphere and RAD, and they don't want a product that actually works and developers like, to be at their conference that promotes their products that don't work well, and that developers hate. And I don't mean to knock IBM per se - they did give us Eclipse and SWT and JFace, and some of their other products are stellar (practically everyone that I encounter in the business that has used them adores AS400's). But what's really bad is that IBM did the un-invite at the 11th hour. That's BS. Talking about alienating your partners and users in your ecosystem.
  3. It is already in the article - "The IBM Rational Software Development Conference is not an industry event — it's a private conference sponsored and underwritten by IBM ..." On the other hand, JavaOne is an industry event.
  4. Why Genuitec wants to post this. It wants media attention and thereby get a publicity that myeclipse is ready to compete with RSA.
  5. Why Genuitec wants to post this.
    It wants media attention and thereby get a publicity that myeclipse is ready to compete with RSA.
    I'm not a fan of MyEclipse, nor a user, I don't see a personal need to use it, but the question should rather be, "is RSA ready to compete with MyEclipse?". IBM's tools and IDE's have long been a convoluted mess and an abomination, which is kind of a shame, since I actually quite like Websphere AS and MQ (maybe that makes me a minority).
  6. IBM Tools[ Go to top ]

    I'm currently using Rational Developer 7 to develop portlets for Websphere Portal 6 and I found it very good!
  7. I agree that we can associate the word Mess with IBM. They never think with a fresh mind.They always keep adding dust to the existing product.At one point, they have to stop this. IBM Lacks innovation. I even feel that IBM has "no right to use the word innovation in their ads". Apple,Microsoft,Bea can proclaim of being innovative.. How they do give high performance products not being innovative?
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    Expect IBM to get lot's of flak on this, particularly since so many developers absolutely detest both WebSphere and RAD.
    Why would they get flak? Their target audience is their customers, and those customers in attendance at such a conference would be very unlikely to share in the loathing.
    This seems to be more about publicity than about any real grievance.
  9. Genuitec going to the Rational Conference is a bit like Microsoft going to a JavaOne conference. As I wrote in response to the blog posting, there are better options for them if they want to reach their target audience for MyEclipse Blue. IBM Impact would have been a much better venue.
  10. bad analogy[ Go to top ]

    I don't think that it quite fits here. Those of you out there who have had to deal with the WSAD/RAD/RSA products being shoved down your throats will empathize. Especially when you hit the argument of "we've already paid so much for it, we need to use it", sad but true. It's really quite interesting, and actions speak much louder...
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    I don't think that it quite fits here. Those of you out there who have had to deal with the WSAD/RAD/RSA products being shoved down your throats will empathize. Especially when you hit the argument of "we've already paid so much for it, we need to use it", sad but true.

    It's really quite interesting, and actions speak much louder...
    Considering that the conference in question is put on by Rational division in support of its own products with an expo for complementary products, the analogy fits perfectly.
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    really? So I guess Microsoft is really ultra kind and generous then to invite third party ISVs to their MIX conferences? The difference here is that you are either open or you're not. Maybe not so black and white, but not quite so mud like either. If it's really not that big of a deal, then IBM wouldn't care enough b/c size wise, it's like inviting the little nerdy kid in the dorm to a party, there would be no competition (perceived). But I think its more than that. If there are alternatives to their tooling which are as good or better for 80-90 or more % of what a developer does day in and day out, and the price differential is huge (and believe me, it is huge, even if you compare it to the maintenance costs and not the initial license), then I think they are worried. Customer: We'd like to start using MyEclipse Blue b/c to be honest, it has everything we need and the footprint, speed, and performance of the IDE as well as feature set is more in our sweet spot. And its a lot less expensive. Some of our developers are already using it, and they said they would be at the conference. IBM Sales: But how does it integrate into your overall strategy for RUP and the rest of the Rational tooling and process, e.g. clear case, clear audit, tivoli, business process refactoring, UCM, traceability, end to end, build forge, Jazz, our enterprise mashup based on php, *10 minutes later the umbrella shopping cart list ends*, did I mention tivoli? Customer: Well, it sounds really great, especially on paper, and to be honest, you guys have done a great job of PowerPoint Therapy *both the customer and the sales guy have the same thought simultaneously, they will both right a book on applying a mix of PowerPoint, NLP, and Napolean Hill into a template and mass sell them via syndication and ebooks to get out of their current predicament and become guests on Oprah or Ellen Degenerous*. But even after a multi-year effort, massive consulting spend, we still can't implement the end to end, we have an organizational problem that needs to be fundamentally shifter, and your tooling _still_ doesn't integrate with itself. I can't keep justifying massive spend to the board, and even with maintenance, it's still huge, can we burn some cd's of the media download, print out labels, and resell our unused licenses on ebay? IBM Sales: don't worry, noone gets fired for using IBM, er, there was that CIO in some big company in Germany, and er, nevermind, have you had lunch? There's this great Italian place. Did I ever get you in touch with one of distinguished engineers? They can fly down here and talk to you about what we are currently pre-ideating. That's the stage before ideation. Oh yeah, that commercial, well for the record there was a strong in house disagreement. What's your favorite sports team? Oh, our next special customer event hasn't been determined yet. How do you like St. Thomas. Customer: well, we've decided to go with a more open and transparent route, and aren't we just using tools built on top of eclipse, and aren't you guys spearheading that effort in the community? It's all the same base right? And what about Geronimo, and when will you open source the WAS base? IBM Sales: well we differentiate in the high end. We can sell you support for Geronimo, but to be honest, if you want real enterprise features, we'll have to upsell you to Websphere. And yeah, the community, well, we do just enough and put enough engineers on the projects, but when we feel threatened we'll fork and pull them off and do our own thing. This is to your benefit, because you wouldn't want to see what's under the covers anyway. Excuse me one second *pulls out his blackberry*, yeah, make sure those Genuitec guys don't go through the front door. Yeah yeah, refund their advertising fee, but keep the shirt, that logo looks real sweet when you're cruising on a honda goldwing. Oh, if they really want to come, make them come through the service oriented entrance and we'll have them help the clean up crews.
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    for the record, I do not work for Genuitec, just a fan. And my spelling sucks, especially when typing on a crowded commuter rail.
  14. I have an issue with all this[ Go to top ]

    Lets have a serious look MyEclipse ... based on Eclipse which is funded in big parts by IBM ... Based on various opensource plugins done by the community + a load of work done by themselves Ok lets do a quick check Where is Genuitecs contribution to the opensource plugins they use? They also bring out a product which is directly positioned against the funder of their core codebase, and then they are not invited to a company conference of IBM they start a flamewar on the net about it. The entire attitude is childish in my opinion and reminds me on MySQL when they cried we are enterprise ready ;-) Dont get me wrong, I like MyEclipse I have been using it for a long time, but this attitude lately is not the Genuitec I know from the past!
  15. Wow, I didn't know Genuitec's product was as good as IBM's. What better endorsement than an uninvitation. It's a geek magnet. Guess I'll have to download it. Heck, it's so cheap compared to RAD I should just buy it. Switching costs are so low. And think of the money Genuitec marketing is saving with this free press.
  16. MyEclipse Blue Looks Good[ Go to top ]

    I can attest that this article is certainly good publicity for Genuitec since after reading it I was about to recommend it for
  17. myEclipse "better"[ Go to top ]

    I find it disappointing that the myEclipse people are jumping up and down and screaming about how bad (under-performing) the rational tools are to develop in. If, and thats a big IF, they had all the features of RAD/RSA in their toolset then I would hazard a guess that it would perform just as "badly" as the Rational tools do, due to the nature of eclipse as a runtime. The only major issue that I have with the Rational tools (and eclipse in general) is that the plugins are loaded resident into memory and take up resources once they are used, and not freed again until the tool is shut down. I am sorry but myEclipse is a competitor, why would any company allow a competitors products to be displayed at a conference directly related to their own product.. *shrugs* If myEclipse were naive enough to apportion budget to an Rational conference that is there fault, not IBM's.