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    I have an HPROF file of 1,2Gb which I'ld like to analyse but all tools end with an OutOfMemory error ... I tried JHat and the IBM HeapAnalyser, without success. Is there a way to analyse such large hprof files?
  2. 1) Just a basic question first: Have you tried modifying the jhat start up script to include a -Xmx arg to allow it to use more memory? Say '-Xmx2048m' 2) If that doesn't work, perhaps you can try Visual VM: Documentation on importing heap dumps: Good luck, - Andy
  3. I have used the SAP Memory Analyzer successfully with heap dumps over 1 GB: Also, you could try the custom jhat.jar on Edward Chou's blog: Charlie
  4. The Heap Inspector created by SAP donated to the Eclipse Foundation is 100% better then most other HPROF file reading applications out there. It has great speed and isn't a memory hog. Check out, and
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    Please try SAP HeapAnalyzer