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    Hi all, I spent many years in developing web applications. However, I was creating web applications for personal use or for small companies that do not care about security. Now, I am going to develop a Web App for a bank that needs the highest level of security. I do not mean OS, network or server security. The bank will care about this stuff. But for the web app itself, how can I apply the best security. I need a book or books that teach me the technics and patterns for the highest security for a web app in Java EE. Would anyone help me , please. thanks Mohammed

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    Also, What about scalability? is it related to the application or the server and container? and where to find a good guide? thanks Mohammed
  3. Hi Mohammad Understanding the security in general can be found in any book and JEE Web development, but configuring security and using the security service's features of the platform you develop for can be found in the platform's manual. For scalability you have to read the specific docs of the platform you use and what are their advices about how to use for large scale and scalable apps. But from your side you have to take care how you program your code make sure it can work in a scalable/clustered environment, most of the issues related to that is session related stuff and so - I am not too experienced in Web side development.
  4. Hi Mohammad I've found this while looking into java.net site http://today.java.net/pub/a/today/2008/05/20/securing-your-applications-request-parameters.html
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    I have found this book to be an excellent reference: http://www.amazon.com/Core-Security-Patterns-Strategies-Management/dp/0131463071/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1212498462&sr=8-1