Mylyn 3.0: Task-focused Programming for Eclipse Ganymede


News: Mylyn 3.0: Task-focused Programming for Eclipse Ganymede

  1. The Mylyn team is very pleased to announce today's release of Mylyn 3.0 along with the Eclipse Ganymede release train. This occasion marks a big step in the evolution of the task-focused interface: * Numerous new features added since the Europa Mylyn 2.0 release, including offline task creation, focus for breakpoints and major performance improvements * 1703 bug reports resolved, 246 via patches from community contributions * Available in all Ganymede downloads other than Eclipse Classic * Support for both Eclipse 3.4 and 3.3 The most amazing thing happening with Mylyn right now is the growing ecosystem of integrations. It's great to see new language support, such as support for C/C++ via CDT’s Mylyn extensions. The Mylyn 2.0 release brought the task-focused interface to the very high usability bar set by the Eclipse Platform, and provided a first cut at APIs that enabled third parties to author connectors. The Mylyn 3.0 release brings us to the very high API quality bar set by the Eclipse Platform, by insulating integrators from framework internals, and providing APIs that will be binary compatible for the foreseeable future. We are still in the process of improving API documentation and tutorials, and the framework will continue to evolve as we consume the next round of integrator feedback. But Mylyn connectors will now be significantly more robust and easier to implement. This is just the start of the Mylyn 3.0 release wave, as numerous integrations are in the process of porting to Mylyn 3.0... Read the full post at:

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    Mylyn has changed the way I develop software. For the better - it definitely improves my productivity. If you haven't tried it out, its great and I highly encourage you to do so. Yes, even if you're an IDEA user - you might consider switching to Eclipse because of this ;-) Congrats to Mik and all others involved on a great project!
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    Great to hear that Mylyn has changed the way you work Dan--making open source contributors like you more productive translates into benefits for many others downstream, so it's doubly rewarding. Regarding IDEA, yes, at this time people will have to switch in order to get Mylyn. But I do appreciate why people love IDEA's streamlining so much. The challenge is that no IDE has an extensibility API that was designed to support a UI evolution as substantial as Mylyn's Task-Focused Interface. Eclipse is completely open, and so highly modularized via OSGi-based plug-ins and extension points, that we were able to layer Mylyn over top of it without requiring substantial change from the Platform. Following in the footsteps of good modularity, we did make sure that Mylyn's components can be reused, and have seen our core frameworks embedded in server side apps (e.g., to use our Java APIs for accessing Bugzilla and JIRA repositories) as well as Swing-based clients (e.g., to focus are biomed database visualization). A while back I responded a post on mylyn-dev about integrating Mylyn with IDEA in case anyone is interested in contributing or more details. For now, I hope that others get to enjoy Mylyn 3.0 and keep the feedback coming to help us plan 3.1.
  4. Although IDEA has Grails/Groovy sewn up (nothing else comes close), I just can't use it for my Java development - and Mylyn is the reason why. I own both, I use both, but IDEA simply doesn't have enough features to consider dropping the sheer pleasure of working with Mylyn in Eclipse.
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    I have used Mylyn previously with Jira and it is really great and the new features look good. I am currently working in an organisation which uses TrackStudio and it doesn't look like there is currently any integration for it with Mylyn. Is there likely to be some TS integration in the future?
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    We are not aware of a Mylyn connector for TrackStudio and recommend that you file a request with TrackStudio to support Mylyn integration. Also consider filing a new bug against the Mylyn project. Having the Mylyn bug will allow the community to chime in if they are interested in this support, and in some occasions there has been enough interest to create open source connectors to closed source repositories like TrackStudio. However, in our experience it's best if the vendor of the repository puts resources towards the connector, especially since it's beneficial for the connector to co-evolve with the repositories' web service API. -- Mik Kersten President & CTO, Project Lead,