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    Comparisons between Erlang and Scala abound due to the way they address concurrency issues. However, Erlang is often used with a stack named OTP, for which there is still undergoing work on The Scala OTP project Erlan's OTP stack consists of the following parts * Mnesia - a distributed database management system, appropriate for telecommunications applications and other Erlang applications that require continuous operation and exhibit soft real-time properties. * Orber - an Erlang implementation of a CORBA object request broker. * SNMP - a SNMPv2 and v3 -extensible agent and manager, featuring a MIB compiler and facilities for implementing SNMP MIBs. * Web server with support for dynamic content. This post by Debasish Ghosh discusses why an offering like OTP in Scala is important to this JVM compatible language. Read the post by Debasish entitled 'Erlang's concurrency model on the JVM - Can we have (at least a subset of) OTP in Scala ?'
  2. Excellent to see Jonas Boner filling the gaps between Scala Actors and the Erlang OTP. I would like to see the Scala library adopt a more general name later on as Open Telecoms Platform is a pretty specific name. However, I can see that for now it helps people to see what it is addressing. To understand the issues it is useful to read Joe Armstrong's thesis (PDF) which is very readable.