Oracle Delivers Oracle WebLogic Server 10g Release 3


News: Oracle Delivers Oracle WebLogic Server 10g Release 3

  1. I'm going to try to avoid the hype of the press release on this and pass on what I think might be of interest to those who are curious about the future of WebLogic. Oracle WebLogic Server 10g R3 combines technology from Oracle Fusion Middleware and BEA Systems. Oracle WebLogic Server 10g R3 is the cornerstone of Oracle WebLogic Suite, a comprehensive foundation for enterprise applications and SOA, supporting scale-out application grids, adaptive systems management and predictable performance. Oracle WebLogic Server includes new features and capabilities, as well as integration with other strategic Oracle Fusion Middleware products such as Oracle JDeveloper, Oracle Coherence, and Oracle TopLink, as well as Oracle Enterprise Manager. Oracle WebLogic Server is Oracle’s strategic application server . . . New Features • Oracle WebLogic Server 10g R3 offers a lighter-weight footprint, optional service startup, and faster startup, while the new FastSwap feature provides seamless and rapid develop-debug-test cycles. • Oracle WebLogic Server 10g R3’s support for Spring developers is further expanded. • The new HTTP publish-subscribe feature enables improved out-of-the-box capability for support of dynamically updated Web 2.0 style rich user interfaces. • Support for Java SE 6 and JRockit Mission Control.

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  2. WebLogic Server 10.3 Tech Preview?[ Go to top ]

    Is this release has all features from WebLogic Server 10.3 Tech Preview? Is this also include Service Component Architecture (SCA) for WebLogic Server 10.3 Tech Preview?
  3. The new features summary can be found here - pretty much covering all the features shown in the earlier tech preview: However, of them, the SCA implementation was not completed for the release. Mike.
  4. JPA[ Go to top ]

    Did Oracle replace OpenJPA/KODO with TopLink?
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    Did Oracle replace OpenJPA/KODO with TopLink?
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    Did Oracle replace OpenJPA/KODO with TopLink?

    Matter of time. Their declared strategy is getting rid of Kodo/OpenJPA and just developing TopLink ...
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    Kodo continues to be part of the product - see the WebLogic Server 10.3 documentation here: You will see TopLink/EclipseLink ( become part of the WebLogic Server distribution over time. This 10.3 release was mostly ensuring 10.3 with its pretty rich new feature set got out as timely as possible given the acquisition while meeting various re-branding/release/security/certification criteria that are different at Oracle. This is also the release that much of the existing Oracle software that was already certified on previous versions of WebLogic Server as well as the AquaLogic product lines will certify on over the next coming months. TopLink, however, is included in the packaging and licensing bundles we have for WebLogic Server - as you will see in what we now call WebLogic Standard Edition (previously at BEA the closest equivalent was WebLogic Server Advantage) and WebLogic Enterprise Edition (previously at BEA the closest equivalent was WebLogic Server Premium), TopLink licenses and support are included. It simply is available as a separate download. Some datasheets on the packaging for those interested in the packages Oracle now offers around WebLogic can be found off the WLS home page on OTN: Mike.
  8. I hope Oracle has not replaced WebLogic's good installer with Oracle's installer. Oracle installer is the worst installer I've ever seen in my life.
  9. Just wait until they replace the WebLogic console with Enterprise Manager... Matt
  10. The original Bea installer is still used - it is just branded Oracle. For some sample screen shots, including the capabilities Pieter mentions (for example, only installing the core app server at ~150M or other components), check out: Mike.
  11. We switched from Oracle 10gAS 10.1.2 to Glassfish over a year ago. At the time we looked at BEA. Looking at this install, I believe that we made the right choice. 742 MB Install file on windows (748 MB on Linux) Bundled JDK 1.6.0_05 instead of _06 Needs 3.5 GB of disk recomends 2 GB of RAM vs Glassfish v2 82 MB Install less than 125 MB diskspace (running 4 applications and using less than 250 MB total) runs in 256 MB I know that disk space is cheep and so is memory. But this is bloated. Not sure what you get in WebLogic That you do not get in Glassfish/Sun 9.1 Server.
  12. 742 MB Install file on windows (748 MB on Linux)
    Actually, this is an old story. Back in 2001, when I worked at BEA, IBM started pushing the idea of "suites" (read package'em'all). BEA took the bait and packaged WebLogic (~80MB at the time) with all other stuff BEA ever developed. I am not sure, but I think the installer size was close to 900Mb. People cried. So, 748 MB looks like an improvement :-) Regards, Slava Imeshev Cacheonix: Very Small Distributed Java Cache
  13. The WebLogic group has been working hard to reduce the download footprint for exactly this reason. You may not realize that the network installer can also allow you to download just what you need & no more: Download options: -Everything (735MB) or... Custom: -Core Application Server (just WLS) [154 MB] -JDKs (Sun & Jrockit) [107 MB & 149 MB, resp.] -Console -JDBC Drivers -Samples -Webserver plugins
  14. So...I'm hoping that this is an Oracle branded version of WebLogic. Am I correct? Or is it a WebLogic branded version of Oracle Application Server? Anyone know? I can't really tell from Oracle's site.
  15. Its WebLogic branded Oracle (AFAIK)
  16. Its WebLogic branded Oracle (AFAIK)
    Is the other way around actually! It is an Oracle branded version of WebLogic. BEA Weblogic Server 10.x becomes Oracle Weblogic Server 10.x. The original Oracle app server (OC4J) is to be "retired". RAP
  17. uh, I think I said the same thing
  18. Its WebLogic branded Oracle (AFAIK)

    Is the other way around actually!

    It is an Oracle branded version of WebLogic.

    BEA Weblogic Server 10.x becomes Oracle Weblogic Server 10.x.

    The original Oracle app server (OC4J) is to be "retired".

    That's what mike said :)
  19. OC4J to be retired?[ Go to top ]

    Is there any official announcement from Oracle about the future of Oracle Application Server (aka OAS or OC4J)? I believe it will be retired at some point since it doesn't make much sense to maintain and evolve both OC4J and WebLogic. Paulo Merson
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    The best place to hear the official word is Thomas Kurian's broadcast available off this page: (see the paragraph entitled: "A World Class Combination") Within that page is a link to a broadcast that Charles Phillips and Thomas Kurian did on July 1. The powerpoint in PDF is here: Slide 49-52 cover the WLS/OC4J strategy and listening to Thomas speak to the issue is a worthwhile listen. WLS falls into the "Strategic" bucket and OC4J in the "Continue and Converge" bucket - formally defined in the PPT. Bottom line is that for the immediate term both products continue development - we just released this pretty major update of WLS announced here - 10.3 - and coincidently the week before released the update of OAS/SOA Suite. As you will see Thomas discuss, with our next major release of Fusion Middleware - Fusion Middleware 11 R1 - is where the two infrastructures converge with WebLogic Server forming the core Java/JEE infrastructure, mostly unchanged, with capabilities added to it from OC4J including, amongst others, TopLink/EclipseLink as noted above, Coherence and formal certifications against a variety of Oracle capabilities (RAC, AQ, our Identity Management infrastructure, our Web Services Management infrastructure etc). Fusion Middleware 11 based around this WLS core infrastructure will be the upgrade path from Fusion Middleware 10gR3. The most we are allowed to generally say around timeframes for FMW 11 R1 is CY2009. Hope this helps. Mike.
  21. Ignoring TopLink,can it be done?[ Go to top ]

    In OC4J and Oracle AS 10 - 11 releases, it was difficult to get the Java container to ignore TopLink and prefer another ORM, such as Hibernate. I see that Oracle has bundled TopLink with WebLogic Server and this concerns me that they are heading down the same road as before. Can anyone speak to this topic in regards to deploying EJB3 applications, which has been notoriously hard on OC4J/AS, on Oracle's newly re-branded WebLogic platform? Thank you.
  22. TopLink is part of the license bundle of WebLogic Server Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition: (apologies as this is a little bit of a marketing piece but it does describe a bit of the packaging and rationale for each piece) It does not replace the existing EJB 3/JPA implementation in WLS proper nor, in 10.3 is TopLink actually packaged in the distribution. The WebLogic Server distribution remains the same as there was not time to include TopLink directly in the distribution. What you can do, as it is part of the license bundle, is start using TopLink for JPA applications but you would download it separately or use one of its distribution mechanisms (standalone distribution, EclipseLink or within JDeveloper). Going forward - post WebLogic 10.3 - rather than just the license bundling, TopLink/EclipseLink proper will be included in the WebLogic distribution as well. End result is, yes, you can ignore TopLink and it will not impact any of your EJB 3 work in WLS 10.3. I have asked the TopLink PM to comment more specifically so hopefully later today you will see a little more detail. Mike.
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    Mike, Thank you. I hope to see Oracle more and more involved in discussions like these. It is often hard to see through the marketing and "feature set" of these products when most seasoned Java developers know that its not always as rosy as it looks. For example, one little nugget of information - a popular and growing framework called "Seam", developed by JBoss, was very difficult to get working under OC4J 10.3.3. It worked okay under the OC4J 11 Tech Preview. What would really be nice is an Oracle team devoted to developing documentation on how to deploy and run some of these popular frameworks on the new Oracle WebLogic stack.
  24. The WebLogic EJB 3.0 container will allow you to replace the JPA persistence provider. This is certified for replacing Kodo /OpenJPA with Oracle TopLink using EclipseLink JPA or TopLink Essentials. The issues experienced with replacing TopLink with Hibernate in OC4J was due to the class-loader architecture used and a dependency conflict between TopLink and Hibernate. Going forward you should not have these issues in WLS. Doug Doug Clarke Oracle TopLink Product Management
  25. EclipseLink JPA on WebLogic 10.3[ Go to top ]

    Hi, There is a tutorial on deploying a JEE container managed EclipseLink JPE 1.0 / EJB 3.0 application on WebLogic 10.3 in the following URL. thank you /michael at
  26. Re: OC4J to be retired?[ Go to top ]

    FYI, OC4J/OracleAS is no longer available for download EXCEPT as part of the SOA Suite. The link instead points to WLS 10.x. This despite the fact that all the documentation is still oriented to OracleAS. That is a pretty clear indication of Oracle's future direction. I wonder what Oracle will pull out of its hat for current OAS licensees...
  27. Re: OC4J to be retired?[ Go to top ]

    I believe you are speak to this page here: At the bottom you will see a link to the Oracle Application Server downloads: and you will see OC4J remains available off that page at its standard download page: (just update with the patchset I mentioned last week) Further, OC4J has its OTN page here: You are right that OC4J is part and parcel of the SOA Suite - the SOA Suite distribution has been the primary distribution mechanism for the Oracle Application Server for well over a year now - when you run the installer the SOA Suite is one install option and OAS is an advanced option. This was done for convenience and simplicity of having all the products in one distribution but enabling customers to install what major pieces they were after. As noted, however, OC4J standalone, remains also as a separate distributable and that will not change. Point taken however ... weaving WebLogic Server into the OTN pages and getting it natural for folks to find both the new BEA products and the existing Oracle products like OC4J and OAS is a challenge and will take a little time to straighten out. Navigating around to answer this post tells me that we need more work to go so apologies for the confusion but hopefully these links get you going. Mike.
  28. Like replacing a light weight infrastructure with something heavy weight infrastructure, nailed down to some outdated Oracle database version, ducked taped piece of cr...
  29. Anyone have the download link handy? I usually go here, Satya Ghattu
  30. try this Chester
  31. Oracle WebLogic Server 10g R3 developers who use Eclipse will find updated Workshop plug-ins for developing Java/EE and JAX-WS web services that are bundled with the server. They can be downloaded here: Oracle is delivering the Eclipse tools for Oracle WebLogic Server 10gR3 with a simpler packaging (just one, with all features), and a new price (free!). This release unifies all the previous packages, and removes all licensing features of any kind. Workshop for WebLogic will be freely available on all supported platforms, including websphere, weblogic, tomcat, jboss, jetty and resin.
  32. Oracle announced that they would release "Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse". I'm a little confused, is this the same tool as "Eclipse tools for Weblogic" ? Thanks -Serge-
  33. WebLogic comes with Workshop for WebLogic which is the BEA WorkShop (full edition) rebranded and with all the new features to support 10.3 of WebLogic. The Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse (OEPE) is a brand new and separate product that is being developed in parallel on an Eclipse 3.4 core from the ground up, pulling in the key open source projects that Oracle already works on for Eclipse (WTP / Dali) plus a bunch of the key stuff such as AppXRay and WebLogic tooling from the WorkShop product line. You'll see some more detailed announcements on this very shortly. Both OEPE and Workshop for WebLogic are free of course.
  34. Oracle announced that they would release "Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse". I'm a little confused, is this the same tool as "Eclipse tools for Weblogic" ?

    Yes, the Weblogic Server Tools project that you mentioned is now a component of the Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse product and will be released as part of OEPE 1.0 on Eclipse Europa and Ganymede (currently targeting a mid-August release). OEPE's Weblogic Server Support will contain all of the functionality that you are familiar with in WLS Tools with some new enhancements as well.
  35. it is really important?[ Go to top ]

    I can't see why the size is such e big deal, It will not and hasn't been the selection criteria in any organisation that I worked for. 1GB of download (and diskspace) cost is close to nothing. Cheers Behrang
  36. Size of download is not really that important, but just reflective of the bloat. The fact that it requires some much disk to install is important. If you have 3.5 GB of files to run the application ho much disk IO are you going to have when running your applications on it?
  37. I found it rather strange that only web projects can have JPA facet enabled but not EJB projects. I find this rather surprising. Anybody from BEA or Oracle can throw more light on it? I did not find the forum at OTN site not very useful.
  38. Pradeep, Hi, EclipseLink as JPA provider in an EJB project on Eclipse 3.4 using Dali as Java Persistence Facet 1.0 is available. See the 1 of 3 EJB tutorial project for EclipseLink as JPA provider on Oracle WebLogic 10.3 at the SVN address. /michael at
  39. WLS 10.3 JDK[ Go to top ]

    Hi, Is it possible to use WLS 10.3 with JDK 1.5? Recommended is JDK 1.6. Has anyone tried it? Any issues? Thanks.
  40. Upgrade OAS 10g Rel2 to WebLogic[ Go to top ]

    I have OAS 10g Rel2 using Oracle Portal and use Forms, Reports, Discoverer, Portal J2EE (OC4J) full OAS Tech stack since several years We know we have to convert OC4J to BEA. -->Is there intermediate Release between OAS 10g rel2 & Fusion MiddleWare 11 where we can migrate to take advantage of BEA components or do we have to wait till Fusion Middle Ware Release? --->Do you know if Oracle WebLogic Suite 10g Re3 has all components of OAS + WebLogic Server including Portal, Discoverr, Forms, Reports,WebCache, Apache, IM components -SSO, OID,? ----> How can I have OAS with some components of BEA Suite. --->Is WorkFlow/BPEL getting replaced by BEA component?If yes which? --->Oracle SOA replaced with BEA SOA? Almost most Oracle Products such as Grid Tech, OAS, E-Business has some way OAS and or OC4J. So Is is correct to say all OC4J components in OMS, OAS, E-Bus will be replaced by WebLogic J2EE? Lot of confusion between Consolidation with Fusion.
  41. Can you explain what[ Go to top ]

    Can you explain what the new features are for this Oracle WebLogic Server 10g? Is it really that much of an improvement over the previous iteration?

    Paul -