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    Hi, Today when companies have to create a Java development environment, what is the best way to go? Let’s say that a senior team would maintain this environment, and that this environment would spread everywhere in the company for creating every web applications (Intranet, Internet, ....). That’s why the choice of this environment is so important as it won’t change for the next 5 or 10 years. Today I see 2 solutions: 1. The unspecified Java solution: Tomcat web server + Spring Framework (MVC, ...) 2. The specified professional JEE solution: A JEE app server (Glassfish, Jboss or Websphere,...) + an MVC framework (Spring, or Struts2, ...)

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    I will obviously vote for JEE specification. One major reason would be that the technology will be known to any new comer hence he could be more productive. If you choose standard products like Websphere, you will get support at various points. Migration in the future will be very easy. I do not suggest to lock to particular vendor but stick to JEE.
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    Hi, I prefer the first choice as the Spring framework has already proven that it can be used as an integration platform where you can use any popular web framework like struts/JSF , any ORM tools IBatis/Hibernate and you can plugin into your spring application. As far as i concerned Spring doesn't reinvent the wheel. Just it makes the application development process more manageable and maintainable. It doesn't restrict you from using any JEE technologies/App Servers. Thanks, K. Siva Prasad Reddy.