My requirement is:

I have 1 CMP ReportDef which has 2 attributes: RepDefID (String), name (String) and outputFormat (Java.util.LinkedList). RepDefID is the primary key. I want this CMP to refer to 2 tables, say ReportDef and output_format. Their structure is: ReportDef ( RepDefID VARCHAR2(20), name VARCHAR2(200)) and output_format (RepDefID varchar2(20), format varchar2(20)). RepDefID is the primary key in both the tables and it has a foreign key relationship between ReportDef and output_format table using RepDefID. Also, I want a 1-Many relationship between these 2 tables.
I am using Oracle 8i, Visual Age for Java 3.5.2 and WebSphere 3.5.

Effectively what I want to achieve is that when I update the CMP attributes, both of my tables get updated.

Possible Solution:
I think I will have to override ejbLoad and ejbStore so that I can get the database connection and update the database table for the outputFormat attribute. Looks like a possibility, not sure this will work.

Please suggest a better solution, if any…….

Sumit Mishra