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    ZK is Ajax framework. 100% Java, no JavaScript. With event-driven, 170+ components, and markup languages, development as simple as programming desktops and authoring HTML/XUL pages. ZK supports JSF, JSP, J2EE, and scripting in Java, Ruby, Groovy... New Feature Highlight - Comet Server Push is enabled which allows developer to create Web application in a new way. - The layout of all ZK components are upgraded to a brand-new style, more responsive, and more interactive. - Grouping Grid and Listbox is designed display data in an intuitive way. - More Layout Components - Portallayout, Columnlayout, and Tablelayout are introduced to satisfy various requirements of UI design. - A Powerful Container Component - Panel is introduced with more functionalities. - Tabbox is much enhanced with scrolling features, and more molds. - The concept of moldSclass is introduced to customize layout of ZK components with ease. - Spinner and Fisheyebar component is introduced. - Chart supports Gannt Chart, Watermap Chart, Bubble Chart, Wind Chart. - A convenient mechanism to monitor the performance of Web application. - Fulfill Event is enhanced with URI Expression, and onFulfill Event. - Iframe supports Bookmark management. - Event Supports subscribe/publish Mechanism. - ZUML Supports switch/case and choose/when Download Now! Release Notes New Features

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    Note that the url is http://zkoss.org - the link resolves to a TSS url, which ain't right. :)
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    Thanks, Joe . . . fixed.
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    Congratulations to ZK Team for the release. ZK it is the best GUI framework I have worked on and it is very rich featured and easy to use, Thank you. Best Regards.
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    Cool! ZK really redefines what a RIA framework shall be: simple and elegant. Thanks.
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    Cool! ZK really redefines what a RIA framework shall be: simple and elegant. Thanks.
    I too can attest that it is a great framework. I worked with ZK for a few years and it is easy to use and the forums are active. Having said that, what finally made me reconsider using it was the fact that it is GPL software.
    It's a license choice that, I know, the ZK team continually reviews based upon feedback from the community and I don't fault anyone for wanting to make some money for what they do. If I were to start an open-source project to create a database, or an app server for that matter, I'd probably choose GPL. But only because the GPL is well-suited for such things. The same can't be said for component libraries and code frameworks. It inhibits growth. People hesitate to adopt. They wait for another open-source project to come along with the same functionality, with a more liberal license, and they flock to it. I wish the ZK team nothing but the best and they really do have a great product, but I am still hoping they reconsider their licensing. Mike
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    Since ZK started Online Training, well it maybe will influence a more liberal license. Simple, elegant and fast Now is standard at our company. No more JSF (SUN, MyFaces, IceFaces), Wicket, Strut.
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    I appreciate the rich set of components and overall architecture. But what bothers me most is the perceived responsiveness - in comparison with, say, GWT.
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    Hi Alexiey, You might be interested in the following 2 articles which compare ZK with GWT, and JSF. ZK vs GWT ZK vs JSF Please feel free to share your opinions.