LogicalDOC - Document Management, DMS version 3.6 released Logical Objects is pleased to announce the availability of LogicalDOC Community Edition 3.6 (LogicalDOC CE). LogicalDOC is the natural evolution of the popular DMS Contineo. It's a Java web application for managing documents easy to use and learn. The documents in LogicalDOC can be organized in hierarchical folders and for each document is possible to specify an extended set of metadata and keywords. When you create a document the textual contents of the file are extracted and recorded in a Lucene index. The documents can then be searched by a simple search form or with an advanced form in Google-style. You can also consult the archive via the keywords freely associated with documents. Logicaldoc manages the versioning of documents and allows you to write comments / articles on documents in order to facilitate teamwork. LogicalDOC uses the following technologies: Java JSF ICEfaces 1.7.1 (JSF-AJAX) Lucene 2.3.2 Spring 2.5.4 Hibernate 3.2.6GA JPF (Java plugin framework) Apache CXF (JAX-WS webservice impl) Maven 2 LogicalDOC is modular and extensible with plugins that allows to add functionality to the system. Currently, LogicalDOC has been tested with 60,000 documents on a appliance VIA C7 1.5 GHz with 1GB of RAM/533 and HD 80GB 5400 SATA. Availability LogicalDOC CE 3.6 is available for download in binary form on the SF project site. Logical Objects also sells an enterprise edition with professional support (LogicalDOC Enterprise) Thanks to a number of plugins adds features such as OCR on the images, indexing for Office 2007 documents, auto imports of documents from remote folders. Documentation On the SF project site there is the User's Guide, the Installation Guide and the Developer Manual.