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News: New Article: Intercepting JNDI Filters

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    By applying the Intercepting Filter and Strategy design patterns, this framework allows applications to intercept JNDI operations and invocations to allow for pre/post processing in a very decoupled, modular and adaptable manner. Read article
  2. Anybody got any ideas on where you can download the source to this one? The website no longer exists.
  3. Nicholas, I originally wrote this article back in 2004 for JavaPro. I requested it reprinted for TheServerSide.COM. Source code can be downloaded via:
  4. Source code can be downloaded via:
    Hi Bahar, Very interesting article, and thanks for the link, but it does not seem to work for me, as it says it cannot resolve the domain ( I would like to try this to see how long LDAP requests are taking with a specific application when under load.
  5. JXInsight has provided this capability of tracing components and resources accessed via JNDI, direct and indirect, since version 3.0 - a long time ago. Our implementation also addresses real-world issues associated with class loader hierarchies not adequately addressed here such as the filter classes not having complete visibility into one or more of the interfaces defined in the underlying proxy. Our implementation also addresses performance issues with the reflective dispatch and proxying of arguments or returned values. Strangely enough one of our early product customers was The College Board - the authors employer. William
  6. I forgot to mention we do not require any changes to the JNDI properties as we use bytecode instrumentation at load-time to insert the necessary hooks in the InitialContext class. William
  7. Dear William, Thank you for your interest in my article. The article was first published in Java Pro in 2004. The version posted on The Server Side is a reprint of the same article without any changes. I was not aware that your product was used at The College Board. Regards,
  8. Hi. Apologies. I created a personal account and reposted the source code on The URL is: Please let me know if you have problems. I asked the ServerSide editors to host and post a link to the source code from the article.
  9. I agree with William: That this filtering mechanism requires changes in JNDI Properties. So writing a custom classloader or using inrtumentation would make it transparent.