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    Hi Folks I'm researching the incompatibility side effects of refactoring on web services. I'm a correspondence student an thus quite isolated. At the moment I'm at a bit of a loss. I would appreciate any thoughts or comments that might get the brain juices flowing again. So focussing on web services. Firstly, what would you guys classify as a web service. SOAP is one. RMI and CORBA are services but not web services because they don't use web protocols. What other web services are there? Secondly. Have any of you done some refactoring on web services that might have or have affected the compatibility of the service. So, in short, have any of your refactorings, intentionally or unintentionally, affected the clients of the service. This includes functional and non-functional requirements. A refactoring could have caused you to remove a parameter in a message and therefore the client's program broke, or, because of your refactoring, your service performance suffered and clients were affected by that. How were they affected? Any thoughts on these questions will be GREATLY appreciated. Kind Regards Jannetta
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