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    Hibernate Search 3.1 includes:
    • An analyzer configuration model to declaratively use and compose features like phonetic approximation, n-gram approximation, search by synonyms, stop words filtering, elision correction, unaccented search and many more.
    • A lot of performance improvements at indexing time (including reduced lock contention, parallel execution).
    • A lot of performance improvements at query time (including I/O reduction both for Lucene and SQL, and better concurrency).
    • Additional new features both for indexing and querying (including support for term vector, access to scoped analyzer at query time and access to results explanation).
    You can download the release here. Changelogs are available on JIRA. Migrating to this version is recommended for all users (see the Migration guide). More...
  2. Hibernate Search is a really good tool. I would defintiely recommend using this framework if you want to enable free text search across your domain objects.