FaceCart 1.0.3 open source shopping platform meets Java with Ajax


News: FaceCart 1.0.3 open source shopping platform meets Java with Ajax

  1. FaceCart is ajax powered java based open source e-commerce platform.http://facecart.com FaceCart is both scalable backend and responsive UI (Ajax based). It is an appropriate solution for medium to large online stores. I am happy to annouce that faceCart 1.0.3 beta2 is released. What makes us different are the following product qualities: Portable application, independent on application server Independent on database. Ability to hold catalogs with thousands of products. Strong EJB3.0 based backend the source of our ability to withstand high pressure Real time validation of user input Ability for drag and drop integrated into the platform Real time validation, and real time image rendering No page reloads Our integrated ajax engine, makes writing of new ajax features invisible. This build is a major release in every aspect. Bug fixing, new features and more documentation. What is new: 1. Developers manual with eclipse project setup. 2. Newsletters are implented 3. Product notifications, both HTML and Plain/text. 4. faceCart now runs on JSF 1.2 5. Rich text editor is introduced. 6. Our web site is again up and partially ready. Still needs some work. It has new web design and We are cookig many new cool features there for our community. faceCart is new product and we would realy like to hear your opinion about our and we can make it better. Regards Alexander Petrov http://facecart.com

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  2. Pl fix your demos..[ Go to top ]

    ..they are showing an exception page..
  3. fixed[ Go to top ]

    Fixed now
  4. Demos still not available[ Go to top ]

    Hello, The demos at this url http://facecart.com/demostore.html still do not show up.
  5. fixed[ Go to top ]

    fixed now. The site is under construction yet.
  6. Server slow[ Go to top ]

    I really recommend you to spend some money on a decent server before posting your demo site here. I can't go anywhere on your site because it's so slow.
  7. Strong EJB3.0 based backend the source of our ability to withstand high pressure
    Do you have have some numbers to share with us please and the cost of server transaction? Something like this would help - server configuration and response times for a 10,000 product catalog with 10000 users logged in and 1000 concurrent users on the server. With whatever I have seen about EJBs they are the last ones to withstand high pressure at a reasonable cost. Sunil
  8. php osCommerce port ?[ Go to top ]

    Is this a port of osCommerce, the php shopping cart software? The screenshot of the administration console looks the same. If so, which milestone is ported? Does it offer the same plugins or do you maintain your own set of plugins? Why should I use faceCart in favour of osCommerce? It seems the php solution is faster (and cheaper to host). At least, the demo is. A comparison between osCom and faceCart (response times, max load, ..) would be interesting.
  9. Stress tests[ Go to top ]

    We have not done much of stress testing as it is a new community driven projecta and currently in BETA phase. But I will tell you more about the architecture. 1. faceCart uses lazy loading (depends on what we are loading) and JPA. As oscommerce uses native queries its responce time would be probably better, but when we talk about lots of products on theory faceCart should operate much better. 2. faceCart support Oracle which is way more scalable than mysql community edition. osCommerce do not support Oracle. 3. faceCart is portable. 4. faceCart will offer better integration with third party software through JMS and asynchroeus web services. 5. faceCart uses native language to all JAVA developers. 6. and not last faceCart has Object Oriented Design. It is a new product and many new improvments will come with its maturity. Regards
  10. Re: Stress tests[ Go to top ]

    6. and not last faceCart has Object Oriented Design.
    OK, **now** I'm sold !
  11. osCommerce port[ Go to top ]

    Yes it started as osCommerce port of version oscommerce 2.2. But our ways will sepparate in the future and faceCart will become independent although we will still support oscommerce upgrade. All external plugins used by osCommerce which are not pluged inside oscommerce source code are supported. Also faceCart can be deployed on servers different from JBoss like Weblogic, GlassFis etc.
  12. FaceCart application[ Go to top ]

    While trying to run the application I run into errors, which made me try alot of combinations: - Different JBoss distribution. - Different MySQL drivers - Different MySQL distribution, Well, I give up. I will try this application when it matures.
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    May be it would have been easier to post to the forum. Did you read the installation manual?