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    SpringSource has just announced an international Tomcat Expert Seminar Series in January and February of 2009. Designed for operations staff, engineers, and developers who are looking for expert advice on how to optimize and manage Tomcat in production, the half day seminar will cover:
    • Large-scale Tomcat deployments
    • Performance tuning Tomcat
    • Troubleshooting in production environments
    • Enterprise capabilities for Tomcat
    • Mitigating risk using Tomcat in mission critical deployments
    The events are being held in major cities in Europe and North America: For a small registration fee, attendees will get valuable information from the experts about the best ways to use Apache Tomcat. Be sure to register now!
  2. This would be worth 75 USD[ Go to top ]

    I've worked with Filip on a few occassions, and he knows his stuff...this is totally worth 75 bucks...I just wish they were coming to Atlanta.
  3. Your wish has been granted. The Tomcat Expert Seminar Series has added new session dates for North America in May, including Atlanta on 7th May 2009. Adam FitzGerald SpringSource