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    Hi all

    I am trying to add a few custom find methods to my CMP bean. I am working with Visual cafe 4.0 for ejb deployment. I have added the method to EJBHome. I looked up the 'configuring deployment descriptor' option and it is asking for a query under my find method. I tried entering a query like this: "select * from table_name where column_name ='" + argument_for_find + "'"

    It doesn't recognize the find method..

    So can anyone help me out here..
    Thank you
  2. Write the Query in WL Query language
  3. hi,
       in weblogic5.1 the query will be
        [!CDATA[(operator operandname argument)]]
       in the finderquery tag.

    where operator is < = > !=
    operandname is function parameter name
    argument is $0 for firstparameter etc

    in weblogic 6.0 the query is different...
       it is like this
        operandname operator argument

    for weblogic 6.0 iam not sure