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News: Java 2 for the Mac almost ready

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    The promise of Java 2 on the Mac won't be realized until Mac OS X is released later this year. So what is the current state of Java on the Mac, and of WebObjects?

    Read the whole story in this CNN article.
  2. I know that there is a VM from Apple for the Mac which supports everything Standard Java 1.1.8 does, and few extra goodies like Quicktime for Java. However I don't believe Apple has released a VM which is Java 2 compliant, which is dissapointing, and if we are to wait for OSX before such things as WebObjects or J2EE, that's even more dissapointing since according to what I've been told OSX has been delayed until well into next year.
  3. As far as i know, Apple is working hard to deliver the next version of WebObject, it is J2EE complaint and is suppose to receive the Sun J2EE certificate. The beta should be out by the end of the September (like many other developers I’m waiting to receive one copy!!!). It is developed using Java and obviously it should be run using a Java2 VM.
    So you can expect to see the JDK or at least JRE1.3 by the end of September.

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    I was at the java one opening day keynote speech with Steve Jobs claiming to make mac the "greatest platform to develop and deploy java applications". A bunch of people in my row broke out into laughter. (rightly so) This a rediculous claim considering the poor state of java support on the mac.
    "Java 2 for the mac almost ready"? oh please, what are we supposed to do.. sit around and wait another few months ...
    like we have nothing better to do.. i dont think so.

    Larry Kim