Teamwork 4.0, Java web based project management, available


News: Teamwork 4.0, Java web based project management, available

  1. Teamwork developers are pleased to announce the availability of Teamwork 4.0; a release announcement is available on the blog: Teamwork is distributed as a shrink-wrapped application, with a friendly graphical multi-platform installer, and an easy startup path, compatible with Project Managers from non IT-fields. But it also includes in its core several typical "enterpriseā€? features, which you usually find only in custom solutions. It is a web based purely Java project and groupware application, running on Hibernate, and release 4 extends project tree management with JBPM-based business processes. New features cover also full text search (extending Hibernate Search), iCalendar, Subversion and Twitter integration. Teamwork is made entirely in Java, runs on JDK5/6, Tomcat (and compatibles) and any relational database. A free trial license and a multi platform (Windows, OSX, Linux) graphical installer can be downloaded here We also give free licenses for reviewers: Teamwork is presented on this site: For help there is a forum: , and user voice can be heard at Hope to hear your feedback, regards, Teamwork staff

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    I've installed it and liked it for the 15 minutes I put into it. I'm not clear about the upgrade path per user.
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    You mean going from installed demo to licensed? In this case, you just have to insert a non trial license: see If you mean from demo to a hosted, see If you mean from v3 to v4, the installer takes care of that. Or you mean doing some custom development on the application?
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    I mean cost, from one version to the other, and is it an annual thing?
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    If you install Teamwork in your intranet, licenses are non expiring for the major version: that is, if you buy a license for version 4, you get also all updates for version 4. If then version 5 comes out and you decide to upgrade, there is a limited upgrade cost, less than 50% of a full license cost. If you get Teamwork hosted, there is an annual cost.
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    It is an opensource project. This can be download from sourceforge ( ). Could you please explain me why licensing cost is needed? Is it for installation and support?
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    On Sourceforge there is only the persistent part, which can help in developing external modules and integrations. Complete sources are available for free to all license holders.