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News: Jahia Community Edition v6 available under GPL

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    Jahia, Web Content Integration Software that combines Enterprise Web Content Management (WCM) with Document Management and Portal features, launched Jahia Community Edition v6 () as an open source GPLv2 application. Major enhancements include: - WCM : Web 2.0 Ajax powered user interface, in-line editing capabilities, support for Google Analytics, customizable toolbars, improved workflow value chain, and a modified front-end template infrastructure - Document management support of the “Jackrabbit� JSR 170 content repository - Portal: Embedded Apache Plutot 2.0 library for improved support for the latest version of the Portlets standard (JSR 286), and a centralized mashup repository. The features of the new Community Edition will also be included in the commercial Enterprise Edition 6.0, set to launch in Q2 of 2009. For more information on Jahia Community Edition or Jahia Enterprise Edition, please visit or www.jahia.com
  2. This is really great.Modern day portal platforms requires "all in one" capabilities.If not, then they should be flexible enough to get integrated with WCM/DMS/BI/ECM systems. I thought that only Liferay rocks the charts, but it's great that another open source suite is ready with all JSR standards suppport. Lets evaluate and contribute. ~Lokesh Pant http://lokeshpant.blogspot.com